May 25, 2019

Town of Old Saybrook Conducts Coastal Resilience Study, Public Meeting June 7

OLD SAYBROOK — The Town of Old Saybrook is conducting a Coastal Community Resilience Study and Infrastructure Evaluation to improve and facilitate the social, economic and ecological resilience of the Town to the impacts of sea level rise, coastal flooding, and erosion.

Public participation is essential to the process and two public meetings will be held this year. An important goal of each public meeting is to gather public input from community members including local residents, beach associations, local and state officials, and businesses located in flood-vulnerable areas.

The first Public Meeting will be held on June 7, at 6 p.m. at the Old Saybrook Pavilion and the public, business owners and community leaders are all encouraged to attend. This meeting will present the Coastal Resilience Study findings, including the future impacts of sea level rise and flooding relative to community assets:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Essential Facilities;
  • Lifeline Systems/Facilities (e.g., Wastewater Treatment Systems);
  • Natural and Recreational Resources, including Beaches, Coves, Salt Marsh, Shellfish Beds and Open Space; and
  • Social Resources: Neighborhoods, Community Centers and Shelters, Religious Centers, and Schools

Flooding issues related to sea level rise and increasing coastal storm surge will be discussed. The results of high resolution hydrodynamic flood models performed for the project will be presented.

Feedback gathered from the public will be integrated into the Coastal Resilience Study.

The Town of Old Saybrook hired the consulting team GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. GZA’s project subconsultants include Alex Felson Landscape Architects and Stantec.

For further information about the Coastal Resilience Study, contact Christine Nelson, Director of Old Saybrook  Land Use Department at 860-395-3131 or