January 31, 2023


Why Advertise on Our Sites?

  • Interact directly with a potential market of over 34,000 residents in six Lower Connecticut River Valley towns.
  • Reach highly educated, high income readers with above average buying power, who are decision makers and/or business, organization or town leaders.
  • Target high impact ads within geographically defined areas.
  • Create a persistent, positive presence on the internet, where your competitors already are … or soon will be.
  • Join the growing number of successful businesses that have already recognized the long-term benefits of advertising on our sites.
  • Drive more traffic to your company website.
  • Gather detailed readership data regarding your marketing campaign.
  • Show you are environmentally conscious.
  • Demonstrate you are part of “the fabric of the community.”

What Will You Find on our Sites

  • Latest community news
  • News of arts, schools, business, clubs, sports & more.
  • Feature articles.
  • Free Classifieds.
  • Property Transactions/obituaries
  • Regular columnists

How Often Are Our Sites Updated?

  • Daily … or as news happens

How Many People Read Our Sites?

  • Monthly Visits*: 35,348
  • Monthly Pageviews*: 111,383
  • Monthly Unique Visitors*: 14,731
    *Average Jan.-Dec. 2014

Who Publishes Our Sites?

  • Award-winning journalist Olwen Logan and her husband Nigel, a retired Executive Director at Pfizer Inc., combine their talents to bring you the latest local news.

Who Are Our Readers?

  • Typical SWN readers are well-educated, decision-makers with significant buying power.
  • Both male and female, they are in the prime of life, tech-savvy and well-placed to influence others in the making of professional and personal decisions.
  • Likely to be resident at least part of the year in one of the six towns we cover, they care passionately about the community in which they live and also the environment in general.

Are Our Readers Your Customers?

Here are some of their key characteristics*:

  • A mix of the sexes:
    Male: 35 % Female: 65 %
  • Well-educated:
    68 % with four-year degree or higher
  • Earning above average incomes:
    69 % with income of $60,000 or above
  • Influencers:
    63 % management or above
  • In the prime of life:
    40 % aged 35 – 54

If this is the market you’re targeting in the local area, advertising on our sites is the most effective way to reach it.
*Source: Shoreline Web News LLC reader survey, Sept. 2011.

Why Advertise Online?

  • The world is moving online
    360 million people were browsing the web in Dec. 2000. By March 2011, that number had risen to over two billion.*
    *Internet World Stats, March 2011
  • Your customers are online 
    Almost every category of online advertising is growing and will continue to do so into 2015. Total online ad spend — $26 billion in 2010 — is expected to hit $49.5 billion in 2015.*
    *Marketing Pilgrim, July 2011
  • Your competitors are online
    Locally targeted online advertising is growing rapidly … 60 percent of respondents said locally targeted online ads have a stronger ROI than other buys and 50 percent said they get higher response rates.*
    *Silicon Valley Business Journal, June 2011
  • Why Aren’t YOU Online?
    New research suggests that the mere presence of online ads has an influence on the products and services we buy.*
    *Small Business Resource Center, January 2010

What are the placement options for advertising?

We offer three advertising options:

  • Header Banner: “The Top Spot”
    This is the space to the right of our name on the Header Banner. Your advertisement can be seen 24/7 and has the highest visibility of all our advertising options.
    Advertisement size:
  • Upper Rotation:
    This comprises Spots 1 through 4.
    Your advertisement can be seen 24/7 and appears randomly in any Spot 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    Advertisement size: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
  • Lower Rotation:
    This comprises Spots 5 through 14.
    Your advertisement can be seen 24/7 and appears randomly in any Spot 5 through 14.
    Advertisement size: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise?

Advertisement Location

Monthly cost

Header Banner


Upper rotation (Rows 1-4)


Lower rotation (Rows 5 -14)


The rates above are based on a one-month advertising commitment. We will be happy to quote for shorter or longer periods.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

We offer significant discounts:

  • to non-profit organizations
  • for longer commitments
  • if you run your advertisement concurrently on LymeLine.com

Can You Design the Advertisement?

We charge a design fee of $40.00 for each advertisement.

How Can I Get More Information?

Please call us at 860-460-4176 or e-mail us at ShorelineWebNews@gmail.com for more information or to discuss your advertising needs.