September 25, 2022

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to State Rep. Miller

An Open Letter to State Representative Phil Miller:

I’m asking if you remember meeting with me when I called upon you to be my voice to make legislative change for those of us who suffer from damage to our highly taxed property  due to construction and  industrial blasting? I am asking you to remember that you refused to help me.

I am asking if you remember when you took the Oath of Office to represent all people in your district both Republicans and Democrats. I am asking you why you would not stand with me and Senator Art Linares on this important bipartisan issue.

I am asking you why you call yourself an environmental leader while saying no to environmental issues created by blasting that pertain to your constituent’s health, air, water, and welfare.

I am asking you Representative Miller if the definition of Representative is important to you.  Are you a true voice, a strong agent that works on behalf of all people?  I ask why you were offended when at our meeting I reminded you that you work for me.

I am asking if you agree that the hard working highly taxed people of the 36th district deserve and depend on great representation all of the time, not some of the time, or never?

I’m asking you Representative Miller, to now understand why I am so eager for new Representation in Hartford.  I for one am voting for Bob Siegrist.


Deborah F. Rindge,