December 7, 2022

Letter to the Editor: We Need Phil Miller as our State Representative

To the Editor:

I am voting for our State Representative Phil Miller and urge my fellow voters to vote for Phil too. As a former Chester Selectman, I worked with Phil, both while he was First Selectman of Essex, and as our State Representative. Phil is a man of integrity and strength. He is honest and well respected. He works tirelessly on our behalf and for our benefit.

Phil’s knowledge and experience is extensive, which is why he serves as the Chair of the Planning and Development Committee, and is a member on both the Environmental Committee and the Office of Program Review and Investigations. He has an in-depth understanding regarding all matters relating to our local governments, including issues involving housing, planning and zoning, regional planning and development activities, Plan of Conservation and Development, and our
areas economic development needs.

Phil Miller is an effective leader. He is a man that hits tough issues head on. He explains in detail the issues, the budget challenges, and their impacts on us. He keeps us informed on what goes on in Hartford. He fully informs us and makes no excuses.

Phil’s proven experience is reflected by all the laws he sponsors or co-sponsors, and that get passed. Phil fights for us in the tough budget sessions, always keeping our best interests at the forefront. We need Phil Miller, especially during these challenging times, so we continue to have an experienced champion represent us in the Connecticut General Assembly.


Larry Sypher,