August 18, 2022

High Spirits at “The Come Home to Chester Days”

The lights were bright, but people’s spirits were brighter during the opening festivities of the 20th Annual Come Home to Chester Days

Crowds outside the Maple and Main Gallery of Fine Art

Stores and galleries remained open late to welcome shoppers and visitors alike. Pedestrians crowded the sidewalks (and sometimes the street) outside of lighted windows. 

A giant beet outside of The Local Beet, Groceries for a Green Planet

Stores like The Local Beet offered free samples while other venues, like The Hammered Edge, held special sales. 

A (happy) sale sign in front of The Hammered Edge

 A spoken word artist performed outside e o art lab, drawing an audience of appreciative listeners. 

Spoken word artist against the bright windows of e o art lab

Light and music spilled out of various venues, while a live band performed on the steps of C+G Unparalleled Apparel (first floor) and C+G Posters and Prints (second floor). 

A live band welcomes visitors to C+G

While the streets were less busy by the end of the night, shoppers and visitors still crowded the venues sidewalks. 

Ceramica’s doors are wide open to welcome visitors and shoppers

Peek-a-booquet n. Cupcake is open for business

Art through the windows of Maple and Main Gallery of Fine Art

The Leif Nilsson Spring Street Studio and Gallery

As the Sign Says - Everything Was Open!

All photos and reporting courtesy of Lauren Dickey