July 6, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Come Celebrate Our Local Vets on May 10th!

To the Editor:

Come celebrate our local Vets! An event at the Essex Veterans Memorial Hall in Centerbrook celebrates our Vets and all they do to support their fellow Veterans and our Community.

For many decades, the Essex Veterans Memorial Hall has provided a home to a distinguished group of Americans – those who share the experience of serving in our military. The Hall offers camaraderie to those among us who volunteered for duty and reminds us of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom and that of others worldwide.

The spirit of service runs deep for the members of the Essex Vets Hall. Their mission includes continued service to their fellow Veterans in many ways. They are “Vets Serving Vets”. They also serve our Community and remind us that our military is ever vigilant, continuing to protect and insulate us from conflict.

In recognition of our all our local Veterans who continue to serve their fellow Vets and our Community, the public is invited to an event in their honor. The Recognition Event will be on May 10th from 4-8pm at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Centerbrook.

The event features good old American fare: hotdogs and hamburgers. Tickets are $10 and include a hotdog or hamburger, chips, and a soda. As a special treat, a cash Raw Bar will be available along with a full bar and finger desserts. Enjoy a tea cup raffle and a 50/50 raffle
while you mingle with our Vets and learn of their service in the military and here at home.

Vets Serving Vets is sponsored by the Essex Republican Town Committee. For tickets, please call 860-395-7113.


Susie Beckman,
Ivoryton, CT

Letter to the Editor: Linares, Siegrist Will Help Restore Fiscally Sound State Budget

To the Editor:

Art Linares and Bob Siegrist have the conviction to standup for the changes needed to put the Connecticut state budget back on track.  Too many of our state legislators speak about instituting change or making meaningful improvements to the budget.  These same legislators come to the eleventh hour and join the lemmings in passing a budget lacking any foresight or respect for non-partisan revenue predictions.  Art Linares did oppose the most recent budget due to a lack of substantive institutional changes.  Bob Siegrist has spoken out against that budget and provided meaningful solutions to the current budget problems.

Art Linares has been a voice advocating positive change and a more holistic budgeting process.  Bob Siegrist will be another voice addressing the long-term budgetary issues that have caused Connecticut to earn the dubious title of the having the highest per capita government debt.  Both will represent our district by ensuring our tax dollars are treated with the same consideration we give our individual household budgets.

We continue to hear about the “new economic reality” Connecticut is facing.  Well, that reality is not new; it started in 2008.  It’s time we have state representatives that recognize a “new” reality in less than eight years and not hide behind a tricky phrase as an excuse for their inaction.  Linares recognized that change early on as evidenced by his votes in the Senate.  Siegrist has been living the economic reality and understands the challenges.  Both are grounded in reality and understand what needs to be done to improve our prospects for the future.

Art Linares and Bob Siegrist are our best choices for making the changes needed in our state government.  Join me in voting for Art and Bob on November 8.


Susie Beckman,