February 6, 2023

Community Screening of “What Got Me Through,” on June 1

WhatGotMeThroughREGION 4 – Last October, tri-town community members’ stories came to life in a play, “What Got Me Through,” on the stage of the Chester Meeting House. The production was the culmination of a year’s work: training a team of story gatherers, interviewing residents who shared their stories of overcoming challenges, the writing of the play by Jules Corriere, and then the theatrical production, led by Jacqueline Hubbard and performed and staged with local cast and crew, all with input also from Community Performance International.

The play was a means of raising awareness about building developmental assets for youth and families in Chester, Deep River and Essex. Many lives were touched by the project.

One performance was recorded. The screening of the video will take place on Wednesday, June 1, at 7 p.m. in the Valley Regional High School auditorium. It will be an opportunity to “see the play again” or, to see it for the first time if you missed it last October.  For further information contact Tri-Town Youth Services at 860-526-3600.

Tri-Town Youth Services supports and advances the families, youth and communities of Chester, Deep River and Essex. We coordinate and provide resources needed to make positive choices, reduce substance abuse, and strengthen the relationships that matter most. Discover programs and information for families, as well as opportunities for community collaboration at www.tritownys.org