January 31, 2023

Deep River Bookstore Creates Green, Book Buy-Back Web Business

Hanna Cook, Owner of MyBookCart.com

MediaBuster Books of Deep River have been selling used books since 2003, and they care passionately about the environmental impact of discarding used books, so much so that they have now created an online web business which encourages people to sell back their used books instead of throwing them into landfills.

“Many people have books they have finished reading, and they wonder what to do with them”, says Hanna Cook, owner of MediaBuster Books.  “Most people don’t want to throw them out, but sadly, many used books end up in landfills” Cook continues.

So in early 2009  Cook  formed MyBookCart.com, which gives people an easy option of selling back their used books instead of throwing them out when they are finished using them.

MyBookCart.com gives instant offers for used books by typing in the book’s ISBN number. Shipping is free to mail in books, and payment is made by check or PayPal.

MyBookCart.com also has a popular textbook buyback option for college students at the end of each semester.  Students have found that they can receive higher offer quotes for their textbooks compared to the college bookstore, and MyBookCart.com, in most instances, buys back textbooks that the college bookstore isn’t buying. 

“We also have a referral program” Cook says, “where every customer who makes an account with us receives their own referral code.  When a new customer uses their referral code and mails in their books, they get paid 10% of the buyback offer.  This also works well for college students, as we provide college students free flyers and bookmarks that contain their referral code upon request.  College students can request free flyers by e-mailing support@mybookcart.com.  They can hang the flyers around campus and receive the 10% commission payment when fellow students mail in their books/textbooks.”

“Throughout our years of selling used books, we understand what customers want: Fair price quotes, fast payment, good communication, excellent customer service, and an easy to use website. Each day we strive try to find new ways to exceed your expectations” says Cook.