February 6, 2023

Deep River Rotary Announces “2013 Citizen of the Year”

Deep River Citizen of the Year Joanne Hourigan (left) with Kevin Brewer and Phyllis Haut.

Deep River Roraty Club Citizen of the Year Joanne Hourigan (left) with Kevin Brewer and Phyllis Haut.

The Deep River Rotary Club presented its annual “Citizen of the Year” Award to Joanne Hourigan at its annual year-end gathering June 23 at Griswold Point in Old Lyme. The award was presented by outgoing club president Kevin Brewer. Phyllis Haut, club secretary, read the announcement as follows:

Joanne Hourigan has been a gift to the town of Deep River for many years. In addition to being a wife and mother of two sons, she has served as the Executive Director of the Deep River Housing Authority and manager of Kirtland Commons Senior Housing for 20 years. At Kirtland Commons she is responsible for 31 elderly and disabled residents of the town. For Joanne, they are more than just clients and tenants; they are family.

She labors to make it a community, where residents gather for occasional meals in the dining room and share in activities in the large living room. Joanne has arranged exercise classes, art lessons, trips to concerts and movies, and birthday parties for her people. In addition, she has volunteered to serve as conservator for a number of men and women in the community, not only representing them in legal matters, but helping them to maneuver the complexities of medical appointments, maintaining housing, shopping for clothes, visiting friends, and creating a quality of life for her family of people born out of deep concern and love.

She is also the owner and creative inspiration behind her women’s shop, called Chaos, on Main St. in Deep River. She says that the shop is her therapy, and maybe those who come there to delight over the selection of clothes, jewelry, and accessories might find their therapy there, too. Even this for-profit endeavor is a part of Joanne’s love for the community and its people. She says, “Chaos Believes in give, give, giving, as much as we can to those in need and to help local organizations in their fundraising efforts, because that is what it is all about.” She has said that she named the shop “Chaos” because “that is my life.”

We are grateful for the chaos and the concern that represents the heart and soul of Joanne Hourigan, who represents so well the motto of Rotary International: Service Above Self. For that the Deep River Rotary Club presents the 2013 “Citizen of the Year Award” to Joanne Hourigan.