January 31, 2023

Early Childhood Council Celebrates Success

Nearly 60 guests and celebrities from the local community attended the Early Childhood Council celebration on Friday evening, which took place at the Meeting House in Centerbrook.  The group met to recognize the achievements of the Early Childhood Council to date, and to increase awareness of the mission of the group within the community, both for families in financial need of support and for potential donors.  The ECC, which was founded by Marjorie Schofield more than 20 years ago, provides financial scholarships to local families to allow preschool children to receive schooling prior to beginning kindergarten.  

Guests at the event included State Senator Eileen Daily and State Representative James Spallone, as well as Region 4 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ruth Levy. Dr. Levy’s presentation gave full support and backing of the Preschool Scholarship Fund and it’s ability “to start all children on an equal footing as they begin their journey of learning through the school system.” 

Generous donors contributed $850, which is equivalent to a one semester scholarship for one child from the community, plus an additional $100 toward a second child having this same gift of preschool before entering kindergarten.  Since its inception in 2000, the Preschool Scholarship Fund has now provided scholarships to seventy children.

“Our hope is that through broadening the base of our outreach, that we will be able to reach new donors and new worthy receipients of our Region 4 Preschool Scholarship Fund” says Director of the Program, Marjorie Schofield.

Further information about the program, testimonials from its previous recipients, and opportunites to donate can be found at their newly launched website www.earlychildhoodcouncil.com.