February 6, 2023

Emily Bjornberg Endorsed by Connecticut Social Workers

Democratic State Senate Candidate Emily Bjornberg

Democratic State Senate Candidate Emily Bjornberg

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Connecticut Chapter announced earlier this week that it would be endorsing 33rd State Senate candidate, Emily Bjornberg, in the upcoming November 4th election. The National Association of Social Workers takes actions to“promote and advance sound public policies and programs aimed at human need and improved quality of life.” In endorsing Bjornberg for State Senate, the chapter recognizes her lifelong devotion to serving her community and the world.

From running an AIDS clinic in South Africa to her work in hospice, Bjornberg exemplifies a strong commitment to social change and justice. Currently, she serves as the Youth and Family Ministries Director of the Deep River Congregational Church. In contrast, her opponent Art Linares recently stated at a debate that “social issues are ‘not important’ and that “anyone running on social issues has nothing important to run on.”

In speaking about her advocacy on issues of social justice, Bjornberg said, “I think my work has given me an insight into the wide diversity of our region—rich and poor, black and white, straight and gay, conservative and liberal. I have always believed that it is this beautiful tapestry of our community, our state and our nation that makes us strongest.”

While her opponent often supports questionable legislation to the sole benefit of large corporations, Bjornberg is focused on promoting the small businesses of the 33rd District, because they are the most significant job creators of the Connecticut economy. One of Bjornberg’s largest concerns is improving the quality of life and economic security of the families in her district, and there is no better way than by promoting small business and social safety nets such as affordable healthcare and the creation of a “living wage”.

In keeping with NASW legislative priorities, Bjornberg will bring to Hartford a voice that will fight for the vulnerable and underrepresented in the 33rd Senate District. This includes senior citizens, one of the district’s largest demographic groups. In a debate against her opponent, Bjornberg stated that she supports the creation of legislation to help seniors to stay in their homes and in their communities as they age.

“The 33rd District is a beautiful community and our senior residents have a right to remain in their homes. There are so many benefits to aging at home, including keeping families close to their loved ones and providing familiarity and comfort in what can be difficult times. Furthermore, keeping seniors inside of and active in their communities provides significant savings to both seniors and to state taxpayers,” said Bjornberg.

The support of the National Association of Social Workers Connecticut Chapter comes with the support of 3,000 chapter members, and their commitment to working with Bjornberg to improve the quality of life for all Connecticut residents.

The 33rd State Senate District includes the communities of: Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Old Saybrook, Portland and Westbrook.