February 1, 2023

Essex Set to Hire New Zoning Enforcement Officer

ESSEX–The town is about to hire a new zoning enforcement officer, filling a key position that has been vacant since the departure of Marian Staye from the job in early May.

Selectman Joel Marzi said Friday a selection committee completed interviews with three finalists Thursday evening, and has selected a candidate for final approval by the board of selectmen. Marzi said the recommended individual is undergoing a required backround check that should be completed within a week.
Staye, a Deep River resident, left the job in early May after nearly eight years in the position. The job also includes administrative and enforcement duties for the inland-wetlands com mission. A total of 12 individuals initially applied for the position.

Along with Marzi, the selection committee was comprised of Zoning Commission Chairman Alvin Wolfgram, zoning commission member Susan Uihlein, Inland-Wetlands Commission Chairman Daniel Lapman, and IWC alternate Fred Szufnarowski. Marzi said Staye, who has been working at least one day a week in the job since her departure, also participated in the interviews.

Marzi said he would suggest the board of selectmen hold a special meeting to meet with the recommended candidate and make a final hiring decision. The new zoning/inland-wetlands enforcement officer should be on the job by the end of this month or early in August.