January 29, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Right the Sinking State Ship with Linares, Siegrist

To the Editor:

Under the dubious aegis of Governor Malloy and the in-power Democrat legislators, Connecticut has been tanking fast. During the past several years Connecticut has been burdened with the two largest tax increases in our history, malignant out-of-control spending and regulation strangulation. Although the Democrat leadership boasts a balanced budget, its simply smoke and mirrors; the budget has been balanced by exhausting Connecticut’s savings and overtaxing Connecticut’s already overtaxed residents and businesses. Is it any wonder both residents and businesses are leaving this once prosperous state in droves?

Connecticut now ranks #50 in fiscal condition (George Mason University Mercatus Study published in the Hartford Business Review, June2016). Big government Democrats feel no need to attract entrepreneurs and investors despite the obvious fact that the recipe for economic growth and prosperity is to attract both of these groups.

This year it is too important not to be disarmed or co-opted by big government Democrats posing as fiscal conservatives – more smoke and mirrors. It is impossible to be for big government and call yourself a fiscal conservative.

For the sake of our state, now is definitely not the time to send more Democrats to Hartford. We need, at the very least, balance. “Children’s Champion “Art Linares (33rd), a legitimate fiscal conservative presently in the minority party in Hartford and running for a third term, can use the help of Bob Siegrist (36th), another fiscal conservative, to right this sinking ship. Together, they will be an antidote to wrong-headed Democrat politicians running and ruining our state.


Alison Nichols,