January 29, 2023

Letter: Rumors Linares Might Run Against Courtney Understandable, Justified

To the Editor:

You cannot blame people for wondering whether State Senator Art Linares might consider a challenge to Congressman Joe Courtney in the 2016 elections. [“Linares Denies Rumors of Challenge to Courtney in Next Election” Dec. 30]

Consider the following:

·         Linares had a strong showing in the recent election, soundly defeating his Democratic challenger.

·         Linares is young, bright, and a successful business owner.

·         He is active and vocal on issues which affect consumers, such as the recent energy rate hikes.

·         He connects well with people of all ages and backgrounds.

·         He has shown himself to be extremely responsive to his constituents.

Art Linares represents the future of Connecticut Republicans, and it is a bright future.

I hope he remains our State Senator for a long time, but I wish him success in whatever path he chooses.


Tom Lindner,
Deep River