February 1, 2023

Letters: Consider Voting for Jim Crawford

To the Editor:

With Senator Eileen Daily retiring at the end of her term, Democrats have the opportunity to choose a candidate in the upcoming primary. I ask that Democrats consider voting for Jim Crawford who earned the party’s endorsement in May.

I first met Jim as a student in his classroom at the Westbrook Middle School over 20 years ago. I called him Mr. Crawford back then. He inspired us to get involved in our community through his passionate love of civics and democracy. It’s no surprise that a number of his students went on to public policy careers on both sides of the political aisle.

Jim also ran his family business, the Maples Motel, for more than two decades in Westbrook. He understands the challenges small business owners face in this economy, having sustained the business through good times and bad.

Recently Jim became more involved in local government, serving as a Selectman in Westbrook and now as a State Representative. He understands the complex legislative process and is often called upon by his colleagues for his experience as both an educator and small business owner.

Please join me in supporting the party endorsed candidate for the State Senate, Jim Crawford, in the primary on August 14th.


Lon Seidman
33rd District Democratic State Central Committeeman