February 6, 2023

Neil Nichols Steps Aside as Republican Candidate in 33rd District Senate Race; Endorses Art Linares as Republican Candidate

Neil Nichols, the endorsed Republican candidate for the 33rd District Senatorial race, has announced that he is stepping aside to allow Art Linares to run as the Republican candidate for the seat.  Nichols made the announcement at a joint press conference with Linares outside Essex Town Hall on Friday, May 25th.

Nichols told the crowd that when he entered this race he informed his committee and his family that he would step aside if another talented and capable candidate decided to run for the seat. Nichols has been involved in Republican politics for a long time with a goal of recruiting and electing qualified young Republicans who hold fiscal conservative views.

“Art Linares has the innovative spirit, common sense, intelligence and conservative focus we need in our state government.” said Nichols. “In addition, he has proven that he is a stellar campaigner and capable of capturing the imagination of all voters throughout our district.”

During his many years of dedicated service to the Republican Party, Nichols’ efforts have encouraged greater participation in the party and the political process.  Through his efforts many qualified Republicans have become more involved and run for office.  “Art is one of those Republicans,” said Nichols.  “He is a wonderful representative of a rejuvenated Republican Party in Connecticut.”

Nichols pledged to actively support Art throughout the campaign.  He urged all voters to get to know Art saying, “Once you do, you’ll want to support to his candidacy.”