February 1, 2023

Party Endorsed Candidates Carry Area Towns in Primary

AREAWIDE— The Democrat and Republican party endorsed candidates each carried the three towns of Chester, Deep River, and Essex in Tuesday’s primary. In the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate nomination, businesswoman Linda McMahon easily out-polled her challenger, former Congressman Christopher Shays. In the contest for the GOP nomination in the 2nd congressional; District, East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica out-polled challenger Daria Novak.

In Chester, the result was 105 votes for McMahon to 34 votes for Shays. In Deep River, it was 124 McMahon to 39 for Shays. In Essex, McMahon had 343 votes to 139 votes for Shays. For the congressional nomination, the results were 96 Formica to 38 Novak in Chester, 112 McMahon to 48 Novak in Chester, and 335 Formica to 104 Novak in Essex. McMahon and Formica won the party endorsements at nominating conventions in May.

In the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate nomination, Congressman Christopher Murphy out-polled former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz. In Chester, it was 179 votes for Murphy to 76 votes for Bysiewicz. In Deep River, the result was 150 votes for Murphy to 105 votes for Bysiewicz. In Essex, the result was 329 votes for Murphy to 127 votes for Bysiewicz. Murphy won the party endorsement at the state convention in May.

The closest area result occurred in the primary for the Democratic nomination in the 12-town 33rd Senate District, where party-endorsed State Rep. Jim Crawford of Westbrook out-polled challenger Mary Ellen Klinck of East Haddam. Crawford and Klinck were competing for the nomination to the seat left open by the retirement of  ten-term Democratic State Senator Eileen Daily of Westbrook.

Crawford carried Chester and Essex by wide margins, with a vote of 153 for Crawford to 87 for Klinck in Chester, and 325 for Crawford to 124 for Klinck in Essex. The result was much closer in Deep River, where longtime Democratic First Selectman Richard Smith endorsed Klinck. In Deep River, it was 131 votes for Crawford to 120 votes for Klinck. The district-wide result was 2,505 votes for Crawford to 2,007 for Klinck.