January 29, 2023

Sister Cities Relationship with Deschapelles, Haiti

At 1 p.m. on Wednesday Sept. 29, in the Essex Town Hall, First Selectman Phil Miller will  introduce area residents who will discuss the creation of a new, non-profit organization, Sister Cities Essex Haiti, whose first project is the establishment of a library/community center in Deschapelles.

The Town of Essex has formed a Sister Cities relationship with the Town of Deschapelles, Haiti through the efforts of a group of Essex-area residents committed to strengthening community support of Hospital Albert Schweitzer, located in Deschapelles, and improving the quality of life for people of Deschapelles.
Electricity is scarce in Deschapelles. It’s not uncommon to see half a dozen children sit or stand trying to study by the weak illumination offered by a lone street lamp. Imagine what it would mean to provide an electrified place of study for children with such a keen desire to learn. This is just one reason why the Selectmen of Essex together with its citizens have joined with the people of Deschapelles to create a library/community center. Through Sister Cities International, the people of Essex and the people of Deschapelles, will work together to continue to support the work of Hospital Albert Schweitzer and Deschapelles.

The following will present the project to the press and be available for questions:
Phil Miller, Essex First Selectman
Jenifer Grant, daughter of Hopital Albert Schweitzer founders and Director of SCEH
Kathleen Maher, President of SCEH
Terry Smith, Chairwoman of the Deschapelles Library Committee
Prospective attendees are requested to contact Dan Taylor-Stypa 860-767-2075 or 978-766-0412   dtaylor-stypa@sjc.edu to confirm attendance.