November 28, 2021

State introduces first new rail car on the New Haven line; Sen. Daily hails new commuter rail funding

Exterior of new M-8 commuter rail car.

The first of the long awaited new rail cars for Connecticut commuters has been put into service on the New Haven line on March 1, according to the state Department of Transportation. The new rail cars are called the “M-8”s.

In announcing this development, DOT spokesman Kevin Nursick said, “We are purchasing a total of 380 new M-8’s and they will be coming in all the way through 2013.” He added, “Some of the M-8’s will be used on the Shore Line East, but that won’t be until later in the game.” 

In a related development State Senator Eileen Daily praised the state Bond Commission’s recent approval of new funding for the “imminent delivery of new rail cars to improve service for Metro North and Shore Line East passengers.” She also has hailed “approved funding for a new rail maintenance facility in New Haven to ensure that the state protects its investment in these new cars.”

Senator Daily also said that the new bond allocations would provide funds for “the next step toward an overhaul of the Shore Line East station in Westbrook, which has already included property transfers and a lot of improvements.” She also said, “Shore Line East stations in Branford, Guilford and Old Saybrook will also be upgraded as a function of this bond allocation.”

The Senator added that “literally thousands of construction and related jobs are expected to be retained or created as a result of these transportation investments.”

Interior of the new M-8 commuter rail car.