January 18, 2022

Until We Meet Again Author at Essex Books

Susan Jones, author of  Until We Meet Again will be at Essex Books on Sunday, Dec. 12, from 12:30-3:00 p.m. for a book signing. Until We Meet Again was the runner-up in the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition, in the Children’s Picture Book category.

Treasured memories come from ordinary moments. Between one winsome grandfather and one lucky little boy are keepsakes of the heart…memories made by the two of them for all time.

Most are simple. Checkers and hot chocolate. Hugs and silly songs. A special wink that means we’re in this together.

But their time together is coming to an end. With insight and tenderness, Jones tells the story of what comes next for a little boy who discovers memory-making is a language of love that can be whispered across the years.

“This poignant children’s book handles the subject of loss in an elegant manner. Gently, the coming and going of generations and the naturalness of life’s cycle are put into clear focus. I recommend this book as a wonderful tool to begin understanding, dialogue, and healing” says Robert J. Ancona, Chief, Department of Pediatrics
St. Joseph Medical Center, Towson, Maryland.

Susan Jones suggests that people may want to consider donating a copy of the book to their local hospice to help “encourage others who are celebrating life in the midst of loss.”

Susan Jones grew up in Lockport, New York. She currently resides and teaches in Connecticut. Susan’s favorite getaway for inspiration is the Adirondacks, where there is time to reflect upon the many people—young and old, innocent and wise—who have touched her heart. This book is a celebration of their generosity and tenderness.

Please call Sue McCann at Essex Books at 860-767-1707 for more information.